Bear bracelet – double wrap


Leather bracelet with powerful magnet lock in 925 Sterling Silver.

Sizing tip: Measure your wrist tight and add 1cm for a perfect fit!

    • 243.75 $
    • 126.88 $


BEAR BRACELET double wrap – Our signature piece

The BEAR leather bracelet is Paula Lindgren’s signature piece. This IS the true original, and since 2014 we have steadily kept improving the BEAR bracelet. As a result from our efforts, we are really proud of the result! Feel the power of the neodymium magnets hidden within the sterling silver lock!

Bolo leather

Black braided bolo leather gives the bracelet an extra touch of exclusivity. The design works just as well paired with a suit as well as jeans or your hunting clothes.

available in most calibers and brands

Choose between most ammunition brands and the most common calibers, or send us your own casing and we will make a cast replica of that specific casing.


Personalize your bracelet even more by adding monogram engraving. You can have your two initials engraved on the bracelet, one letter on each part of the silver lock.

Sizing tip

Measure your wrist tight and add 1cm for a perfect fit! If the size for any reason is not perfect, we will do a size adjustment free of charge.

single WRAP

The BEAR bracelet is also available in a single wrap model. See it here.

Paula Lindgren always offer free shipping. No matter where in the world you reside, shipping is always included.

You have that special case from that special hunt?

We receive cases from hunters all over the world and use them in the production of what we call “Trophy Jewelry”, hunting trophies in the form of jewelry in gold and silver. When you send your case to us, we use it to make a mould from which we cast silver or gold replicas that we in turn use to make the piece of jewelry you have ordered.

The mould is personal and is saved here at Paula Lindgren.

For more information on this process, please email us at

Q: My Caliber is not in the list. How can I order my caliber?
A: The list contains the most common calibers. If you hunt using a less common round, you have the option to send us one of your casings. In that case, we make a personal mould from your casing.

Q: Are there no products in stock for immediate delivery?
A: No, we make each product by hand, and to each customer’s unique specifications. That’s why we cannot keep all products in stock.

Q: Is there a way to get faster delivery?
A: Call us and ask, or send us an email. Sometimes we can prioritize your order if we have the materials in house. If it’s a gift and you are in a hurry, we can send a beautiful gift certificate you can give instead of the product you ordered.

Q: I’m ordering a gift, but I have no clue which caliber/brand to buy for my friend. What should I do?
A: If you don’t know exactly what to order we can send you a beautiful gift certificate you can give instead of the jewelry. Get in touch and we will help you out!

Each individual piece of jewelry we deliver is a unique work of classical craftsmanship. Therefore, we can never keep products in stock. Every product is made by order, tailored exclusively after your specifications.

The production time for our standard jewelry is 3 weeks.

Engraved jewelry and products cast from your own casings takes 8 weeks to produce.

On rings the production time is 12 weeks.

Shipping time is added to that, and varies somewhat depending on where you live.

If you are not a hunter, but still would like to wear our jewelry, how should you know what to order? Calibers and brands might not make that much sense.

Or, maybe you are a hunter, but you are looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t hunt (yet)?

Under the “Brand” selector you find the alternative “Paula Lindgren”. Instead of being marked with caliber and brand, the jewelry is stamped with “Paula Lindgren”. The same beautiful design but neutral and simple.


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