The two whole halves – Set

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Engagement/Wedding rings in silver or 18K gold. Choose between a casing in silver or gold. The two half casing bases that together form a complete casings is a symbol for love. A 0.01 ct white brilliant cut diamond can be added to the smaller ring.

thIs is how you order

When you order the rings a set of metal sizing rings will be sent to your home. This is made to ensure you try out your exact sizes in the calm and comfort of your home. We also ask you to confirm the engraving, and which ting will have to which part of the casing. When we have your sizes and all other information we produce your rings. The production time is about 8 weeks from when we recieve confirmation on sizes, engraving and all other information, Do you have more questions on how to order? CALL US!

other requests

Do you want different calibers on your individual rings? No problem! Just drop us an email and we will make sure it happens! We can also make blank casings and engrave the casings with your own text. Apart from that we have a large assortment with more traditional rings that you can choose from. Just let us know!

Available in most calibers and brands

Choose between a large number of ammunition brands and the most common calibers, or send your own casing and have us cast it in silver or gold to make a unique and personal piece of trophy jewelry. Maybe you have a casing saved from a memorable hunt? Our jewelry are wearable trophies you can take with you wherever you go.


Our rings are also available in a shotgun model. See them here.

Get in touch with us if you are in a hurry and the regular delivery time is not enough, or if you want to gift a piece of jewelry. Sometimes we do have finished products in stock, and if not, we can write a gift certificate on the specific product you wish to gift.
We can also offer expedited overnight shipping through FedEx for an extra fee.

Your jewelry is produced according to your specifications, after you placed your order. The production times are therefore 3 weeks plus shipping. In most cases you get your jewelry within 4 weeks no matter where in the world you live.

6 to 8 weeks plus shipping.

Production time counts from the arrival of your casing here at Paula Lindgren. 6 to 8 weeks plus shipping.

Individually set upon ordering.

Take care of your jewelry the same way you care for your guns. Do not sleep with them, do not expose them to moisture, do not polish them with abrasives and keep them safe when they are not in use. If you stick to this, your jewelry will grant you good hunting fortune for many years to come.