102 Carat diamond for sale on Sotheby’s London

world record diamond for sale on sothebys

What is considered the largest, purest diamond ever found, a 102 carat brilliant cut diamond is up for auction on Sotheby’s London. It’s anticipated to reach a price of more than $30M.

But what makes it so rare? For a starter, only 7 stones over 100 carats with colour grade “D” has been brought to action, ever..

D is the highest classification of diamond colour and makes it extraordinarily white. The cut of the stone took 6 months, and the combination of symmetry, colour and the fact that it is both externally and internally flawless makes it extremely unusual. The diamond falls under a category know as 11a, where only 2% of all diamonds falls.

Then, like a cherry on top, this is the only D-coloured brilliant cut diamond over 100ct ever to be auctioned.

Is this not the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend for Valentines? She’s worth it, right?

Pictures: Courtesy of Sotheby’s

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